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♥Community Rules:

1. Once you have joined you have 3 days to join. Once you have joined you 48 hours to post. Absolutley no mingling.
2. Only stamped members can vote.
3. Dont be bitchy if you get rejected. You can try again after 24 hours of your rejection. You must post different pictures and you must have different answers for your survey.
4. Everything under an lj cut. If you dont know how, it tells you at the very bottom of this section in the user info.
5. No nude photos. Definatly no animal perversions (i.e. pretending to hump a dog).
6. DoNt WrItE lIkE a TaRd. Its stupid. Also dont write in ghetto fabulous language such as: Yo, wit, u, I-izzle thezizzle hotestizznizzle. And so on.
7. Stamped members cannot be totally and utterly rude. If someone is slightly overweight and you say 'GET THE HELL OUT CHUBSTER' or something along those lines you will be banned. Nothing particular hurtful.
8. Maintainers are the only ones that can stamp applications.
9. Majority always wins. And if when I get to checking your application and we have a a tie, maintainers vote wins.
10. In the subject line put: 'Do I rock your socks?'
11. Must be active. If you leave for a period of time please notify the community.
12. Ask a maintainer if you can advertise another community. It will most likely be yes but just ask, or it will be deleted.
13. No text posts only unless a maintainer.
14. Do not steal someone elses photos and say that they are yours. We will most likely find out.
15. No rascism, sexism, stereotyping or anything like that. I will ban you personally.
16. Stamped members must vote: accept or reject
17. Do not post in the journal besides your application if you have not been accepted.


* Name:
* Age:
* Location:
* Sex:
* Sexuality:

* List....
-Favorite bands:
-Favorite movies:
-Favorite books:
-Favorite games:

* Favorite color:
* Best feature:
* Worst feature:

* Peircings? Where?:
* Tatoos? Where?:
* Virgin?:
* Boyfriend/Girlfriend?:
* Smoke/drink/drugs/sXe?:

* Why should we accept you?:
* Promote...Name/link them:

*** 3 pictures of yourself, or more.



* Name: Adrienne
* Age: 12 (turning 13 in june)
* Location: Winnipeg
* Sex: Female
* Sexuality: Straight

* List....
-Favorite bands: Dead Kennedys, The Used, Misfits, AAR.
-Favorite movies: The nightmare before christmas, edward scissor hands, sleepy hollow, Big fish.
-Favorite books: Rapture of canaan -Sherri Reynolds, Harry potter series - J.K. Rowling
-Favorite games: Grand Theft auto 3, paper mario, duck hunt, tony hawks pro skater.

* Favorite color: Black and neon green
* Best feature: Eyes
* Worst feature: Weight, height, hair

* Peircings? Where?: 2 in my right ear, 2 in my left.
* Tatoos? Where?: None =(
* Virgin?: Yes
* Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Not at the moment
* Smoke/drink/drugs/sXe?: I had done the first 3 for a while, was sXe for a while, but I drink and smoke occasionly. Actually not that much. Barely.



* Name: Chantelle Dubois (a.k.a Doobwa to friends)
* Age: 14
* Location: Canada
* Sex: Female
* Sexuality: Straight, what a question..

* List....
-Favorite bands: Brand New, Marilyn Manson, Alexisonfire, Our Lady Peace, etc.
-Favorite movies: The Nightmare before christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Willy Wonka and the chocolate Factory
-Favorite books: The series of unfortunate events, flames of the tiger, charlie and the chocolate factory
-Favorite games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy

* Favorite color: Black
* Best feature: Hair, or so I am told.
* Worst feature: I`d rather not point them out.

* Peircings? Where?: Ears, 7 times
* Tatoos? Where?: No where. none.
* Virgin?: Excuse Me!? um...yea.
* Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Nope
* Smoke/drink/drugs/sXe?: no, I`m practically straight edge. Note: practically.

Chantelle is a sexy stick person.

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