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do i rock your socks ?

* Name: Jess
* Age: 16
* Location: Orlando, Florida
* Sex: female
* Sexuality: I like boys.

* List....
-Favorite bands: Boys Night Out, Modest Mouse, Boxer Rebellion, and Every Time I Die
-Favorite movies: American History X and Peter Pan
-Favorite books: The da Vinci Code
-Favorite games: Monopoly

* Favorite color: green
* Best feature: eyes
* Worst feature: I like everything about myself !!

* Peircings? Where?: eight, 7 in the ears and my belly button
* Tatoos? Where?: none.
* Virgin?: no
* Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: sort of.
* Smoke/drink/drugs/sXe?: I drink, that's it !!

* Why should we accept you?: Bescause, I will be active, I'm "wicked cool" in the words of my freinds, and I absolutely love meeting new people !
* Promote...Name/link them: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bam_like_whoa/


 a really good shot of my face. That's my madre !!

 shooockkaaaa !!

 me and Katie. I'm on the left !!


mmkay. im done !!

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